If your food mantra is fast, fresh, and delicious, you’ve come to the right place! Our aim is to eat like gourmets while spending the least amount of time in the kitchen. We love a wild mushroom soufflé as much as the next belly, we’re simply not the ones to make it when we eat it.  We squeeze our own lemons, peel our own zucchini, wash our fresh mint, soak all our nuts and seeds, and chop it all up ourselves with our bare hands and tender loving care. Have questions ? We love questions ! Send us an email at : You can also visit our FinerFlavors website : 

Our fresh veggie mixes can be used in countless ways: accompany vegetables, grains (quinoa, pasta, rice, etc), fish, meats and eggs as you would with a table sauce; spread over bread; use in cooked dishes in lieu of sour cream; use in sandwiches as an alternative to mayonnaise; use as a light and refreshing dip. Have fun, go wild!  

Store your FRECIOUS products in the fridge at 5°C. Products have a shelf life of 90 days, the date is always clearly labeled on each individual packaged. Once opened, your FRECIOUS spreads are best enjoyed within 10 days.  

We use special packaging to keep products cool and fresh during transport. Once your order is confirmed, we will send you an email to warn you we'll ship it via our partner DPD. Your pack will arrive the next day before 5pm the following business day. If you're not at home, the pack will be drop in your mailbox or at your door so that you can enjoy your FRECIOUS products as soon as you get back home. Don't forget to put them in the fridge.